Specialist support
to knowledge & learning

Enhancing programmes, policy, and advocacy


I have also supported partners' policy-making, programming, and activities, through customised contributions to their knowledge, learning, and planning.

I have done this with a particular focus on Middle Eastern countries. For example, I facilitated the internal learning and exchanges among an Oxfam team in a Middle Eastern country about how to find, assess, and use rigorous evidence on aid effectiveness and on local support systems, in their programmes and advocacy. In another case, I systematically identified helpful sources, resources, and contacts in Lebanon and Jordan for British academics who were participating in DfID-led programming there.

I have provided this type of services to international aid organisations, but also to local ones. For example, I worked with a local NGO in the Middle East that is critical of the foreign aid system. I provided it with research on what rights the local population has in relation to aid actors, under human rights and humanitarian law. This directly fed into their planning on how to advocate for changes and how to demand accountability.

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