Research, Teaching, and Student Support


My academic research focuses on human rights issues, such as torture, and collective action for rights. I look sympathetically yet critically at human rights actors, issues, and norms, to understand the history, politics, sociology, and economy of human rights. My approach is multi-disciplinary, while being grounded primarily in political sociology and political science. I have used mostly qualitative methods, pairing them up with quantitative investigations as relevant.

I have taught postgraduate and undergraduate students in France, the UK, and Palestine, through face-to-face, online, and blended channels. I have designed and conducted my own seminars on topics such as the issue of torture, the multilateral protection of human rights, and humanitarian diplomacy. I have also supervised the thesis work of MA students in both general and mid-career programmes, including programmes for aid professionals. Lastly, I have been an academic adviser to many students, supporting them with academic, professional, and personal issues.

For more information on my academic research and teaching, please contact me. I will be glad to share further details, and feedback that colleagues and students have given on my work.