Specific countries or regions covered in consultancy work


My analyses can look at cases across the world, or focus on specific countries or regions.

When focusing on a particular place, my reports can examine political, economic, and social situations and trends there. They include conflict analyses, political economy analyses, and analyses of the aid practices of specific countries. They can cover issues in their subnational, national, regional, or international dimensions.

Examples of specific countries and regions I have written about include:

  • Countries in north Africa: Libya
  • Countries in central Africa: Cameroon; Democratic Republic of Congo; South Sudan; Sudan; Uganda
  • Countries in western Africa: Cote d'Ivoire; Senegal (including Casamance).
  • Countries in southern Africa: Zimbabwe
  • Countries in eastern Africa: Madagascar; Mozambique (Cabo Delgado); Tanzania
  • Countries in western Asia / the Middle East: Iran; Iraq; Jordan; Lebanon; Palestine; Syria; Turkey
  • Countries in central Asia: Afghanistan; Kyrgyzstan
  • Countries in south Asia: Nepal; Pakistan
  • Countries in south-east Asia: Malaysia
  • Countries in the Americas: Brazil
  • Countries in Europe: Italy
  • Regions: East and Southern Africa; West and Central Africa; North Africa; Western Asia / the Middle East; the 'Levant' (Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria); South Asia; ASEAN 

For examples of past reports I have produced, please visit my academia.edu page, where I have made available all the Helpdesk consultancy reports that commissioning agencies allowed me to publish.

For a full list of the titles of my publications, please email me (I will of course not communicate confidential reports, nor any details about the query and commissioning agency for these, but can provide the full list of titles).