Specific groups or inequalities addressed in consultancy work


My work systematically mainstreams attention to structures of inequalities, such as gender, class, and disability, to their interplay, and to their implications for different groups in societies. I have mainstreamed attention to these issues into my work, including when assessing the quality of knowledge on a question. Whether the available evidence on your query ignores gender or addresses it well, my report will let you know, and will tell you what this means for your question.

In addition, I also provide syntheses that focus on an inequality or group. Thanks to solid grounding in these issues, I bring out specific insights, not generalities. For example, I do not reduce 'gender' to just 'women', and I won't just tell you that, say, poor women are in a worse situation than wealthy men. Instead, I will tell you that in country x, wartime violence has made women's and girls' situation worse than before due to a, b, and c, but that promising dynamics x, y, and z have been emerging among certain groups of women and men.

I can provide reports that address specific structures of inequalities such as:

  • Socio-economic class (e.g. based on wealth, income, work status, education, family status)
  • Caste, and caste-like structures (e.g. inherited status and hierarchy in Madagascar)
  • Gender and sexualities
  • Ethnicity, race, indigeneity, culture, religion
  • Nationalitymigration, displacement, refugeehood, and documentation status
  • Geography (e.g., rural and urban areas)
  • Age (including childhood, youth, and old age)
  • Disabilities (physical, sensory, intellectual, cognitive, neurological, or mental), and health (including chronic illness)

For examples of past reports I have produced, please visit my academia.edu page, where I have made available all the Helpdesk consultancy reports that commissioning agencies have allowed me to publish.

For a full list of the titles of my publications, please email me (I will of course not communicate confidential reports, nor any details about the query and commissioning agency for these, but can provide the full list of titles).